Moving somewhere on your own is hard, especially when it is halfway around the world and you do not know a single soul - but it is a great opportunity to get to see the sites that you never would have checked out! I did this very thing when I moved to London, and I will say that one of my favorite things to do is to see the views of the city and what it has to offer.

Holland Park: This beautiful park in South Kensington is the perfect place for taking beautiful pictures and reading a book. The park is very big, but the must-sees are The Kyoto Garden, modeled after the Japanese city. It is equipped with a koi pond, a beautiful waterfall, and all of your typical décor, right in the heart of London. As well as having a Dutch Garden; which feels like you are being transported to another era, the small log cabin as you stroll through the breathtaking maze of flowers, ponds, and statues that relate back to their culture. Take a walk and explore the grounds, and then you can have a bite to eat at their café. You can easily spend a few hours here without even noticing! Note: You allowed to bring a bottle of wine into the park and there are tables for picnics (requires reservation).

The London Eye: This famed hot spot where millions of tourists flock to every year, really does let you see the city in a unique way, 360 degree angles of EVERYTHING while riding in all glass capsules on a giant Ferris wheel. One of the best things about it is that you can upgrade and get your own capsule complete with bottles of champagne! (Perfect for proposal or special event)

Primrose Hill: This is a spot that a lot of locals have known but the secret is out for tourists! Located right in Regent Park you get to see London from a whole different perspective. It is a little bit of a walk, uphill of course, but you get to see almost the entire London skyline from here which is beautiful, especially if you go around twilight time. Grab some snacks, a blanket, and your favorite book and make sure to see the city light up.

One New Change Roof Terrace: This is where you can go to get the perfect view of St. Paul’s Cathedral! They have Madison’s restaurant up there which is a cute, informal, local spot to be able to dine and look at panoramic views of the skyline. Open from 6am until midnight, you can get the perfect views while the sun is shining or while the city is lit up.

The Shard: Aka the tallest building in Western Europe, of course has the most ridiculous views you will find in London, and all of its surrounding areas. Our recommendation is to go to the bar at The Shangri-La, which is located on the 52nd floor, just under the viewing area the building provides. Instead of paying a fee for the view, you can now get the perfect one and you can spend that hard-earned money on drinks instead!

Radio Rooftop at the ME hotel: Perfect place to see the city sparkle, while enjoying drinks that sparkle! Or alcohol popsicles! They have a DJ playing indoors, and a terrace overlooking the Thames and Somerset House, with blankets provided in the winter! It is an absolute must see, so dress your best and enjoy!


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